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Employees / HR

"HR plays a prominent part at the strategic and operational level in FSCP. On a strategic level the HR perspective is anchored in Vision and Mindset as central planning and prioritizing. Recruitment, development and sustainability are just a few of the keywords that solidify organizational value. On an operational level HR initiates several annual employee interviews. Quarterly focusing on goals, vision, mindset and actions, while one annual interview focuses on each employee and their well-being. In addition to these, HR is also crystallized in other projects such as Fit4Schur, a programme that contains employee involvement in regional sports events to promote a strong mental and physical health.

Several times annually the Fritz Schur Academy seminars gather all FSCP employees for relevant lectures, casestudies and group-based workshops founded on an excellent benchmark with the Golden Four Danish lightweight rowers. FSCP complements these initiatives with entertaining events after work in each quarter of the year."

-Peter Maxsø , External affiliate for FSCP Leadership and Organization.


The Golden Four & FSCP

FSCG let creativity run free when the cooperation with the The Golden Four lightweight rowing team became a reality. Despite the very different professions there are a range of paralells to draw between the two.

They are both founded on a vision, a goal, where the "bars are set high" to stimulate the mission of organizing and planning all daily operations to ensure that the sustainability of the long-term objectives are increasingly relevant and attainable.

The Golden Four has a world leading approach and winning spirit to competition which is near unprecedented in Denmark. FSCP admires and finds great inspiration within this mentality and through special events several times annually the different professions team up to draw value from each other's core competences. 

It creates a confident and secure environment when employees feel involved with long-term objectives of the organization and the means of reaching them which is a cornerstone of the The Golden Four as they know exactly what they will be doing years in advance to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games Final in lightweight rowing finals.